"Caigentan" said: "The fat is not really sweet

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the real taste is only light ." Quietly walking to the last leg of senior three, I still don't know whether this period of joint efforts is bitter, sweet or light. Then, let me make you a cup of green tea on this dripping morning and invite you to taste this journey together.   Tea into the water, three points into bitter, as the pulse of smoke curled up.   One night at the end of the summer vacation in the second year of high school, I stood on the roof of the apartment and saw the lights in the , "Hey, senior three, I'm here ." I have come to accept the long-cherished night sleep of "The East is not clear, the clothes are reversed" countless times, to accept my and our night lit by orange and yellow lights, to accept joyful and sad falls and stand up again and again. Wang Xiaobo said that it was the golden age of my life. I wanted to love, want to eat, and want to become a cloud in the sky in an instant. However, after all, I want to see the tired eyes behind the high pile of books and the test papers that the snowflakes usually send away and fly. In senior three, what I tasted was an unforgettable hardship.   The tea is soaked in water, the rotation rises, the leaves stretch slowly, and gradually fill up as the amber tea returns to the wind and snow.   In the commemorative book, a classmate wrote that the real strong is not a person who dares to do things he likes, but a person who dares to do things he doesn't like. This sentence, half is helpless, half is growth. The 18-year-old branch is green, but it has not yet developed bright red and deep purple. The 18-year-old shoulder is not strong enough, and the third year of high school is the best training and reward for us. Think about it, this year, although there has been a fragile body, but such sincere, faith-like efforts, so the first time to face the dream of the bloody struggle, it is the determination and growth hidden in bitterness. In senior three, what I tasted was an unspeakable encouragement and happiness.   Tea lying under the water, quiet and gentle, is silent fragrance, quietly blooming in the air. Bing Xin said that love is on the left, love is on the right, walking on both sides of the road of life, sowing flowers at any time, so that pedestrians who wear branches and brush leaves can step on thorns without feeling pain, there are tears to fall, but not sadness. Counting the third year of high school, I suddenly found that when the day of "release from prison" that I had been looking forward to came, we were more attached and unwilling to give up. I miss the pink notes that we volunteered, the clouds that were carefully glued to the blackboard and lined up with a color, and the lively and happy New Year's party, I miss that day when we sang and danced and laughed, our cheeks flushed ...... Hao Ba, even if there were too many hesitation and too many setbacks and frustrations in the past days, it was, after all, a time of hard reading and excellent quality. We shed tears, we laughed, we grew up. In my third year of high school, what I tasted was a youth and hope that I could not give up.   Maybe it is bitter, but is it a bitterness seeping into the fragrance?   Maybe it is plain, but it is not a magnificent plain?   Taste it, feel it, appreciate it, like a newly brewed tea. Many years later we think of it again, we will stop, we will shed tears, we will smile like flowers.   After liking so many poems, in the end, I still love this word.   Egrets fly in front of Mount Cisse, peach blossoms, squid fat, Qing Ruo, green clothes, slanting winds and drizzle do not need to return. This is the word "fisherman" by Tang Dynasty poet Zhang Zhihe. The first understanding of it was in the primary school Chinese textbook, and the Song Dynasty poet Wang Anshi "Yi Jiangnan" selected together. At that time, I loved to read this word. At that time, I didn't know what artistic conception was. I only felt catchy, rhyming and remembering like the lyrics.   I haven't forgotten it since I memorized it. I think this word is really well written and can be remembered naturally and never forgotten. How many gorgeous poems are so decorated that they bend their teeth and praise them naturally, but only a few people can approach them. In the spread of culture, more is needed for this concise but dignified and beautiful poem. How many people have discovered the charm of ancient prose in this simple poem, and how many people are interested in further study. Mount Seth, I don't know where it is. Only by imagination can one picture scroll after another be built, imagining those beautiful and colorful.   It was the spring of April, peach blossoms blossomed one after another, and pink clouds decorated the hillside of Mount Cisse. Such a beautiful pink peach blossom, like the blush on the shy cheeks of a young girl who is in love, can't help but love. On the top of the clouds, there are a few white inlays. It turned out to be a few frolicking Egrets. At the moment, they flew down from the air and made a short stay on the ground. They strolled in the flowery peach blossom forest, leisurely walking with long red and thin legs, moving from under this tree to under that tree. .

EGRET's white and Peach Blossom's pink set off each other, adding a little charm. Suddenly, the white dragons flew high and headed straight from the peach blossom forest to the blue sky. They lined up and flew further away. Those wings fluttered their arms, which shocked the peach blossoms on the branches and added more colorful ground. After the spring rain, the river rose and overflowed the old river bank. The river seemed to be much wider. It is the squid swimming back and forth in the water. A few of them got together as if they were playing, while others were quietly standing there as if they were staring blankly. It is said that the memory of the fish is only seven seconds. What can it do in a daze? The water flow on the river is not urgent. The peach blossoms rolled by the wind float on the water and rise and fall, giving some fun to the fish below.   It's raining. Spring rain is always so tender and sweet that thin rain falls from the sky and is blown into an oblique rain curtain by the wind. It is said that spring rain is like cow hair, and it is true. Although it is dense, it cannot hinder people's journey. You see, the old man fishing on the other side is still sitting steadily. He wears his clothes and takes a good fight. He still looks at the river with a calm expression. He must know that the spring rain here will not disturb his fishing and there is no need to rush home. In the slanting wind, in the drizzle, the peach blossoms in Mount Sisai are still crimson, but the egrets do not know where to fly ...... I also don't know how many squid were put into the fisherman's bamboo basket today ......   I really want to blend into this landscape and be the fisherman. Let the wind and drizzle, the flowers bloom and fall, and finally find the ease of life in the rotholes of Mount Cisse. The ups and downs of the outside world and the prosperity of the world are not as good as living in this mountain, staying away from the hubbub and returning to the true nature. I will always remember such a picture, the peach blossom is as red as a glow in the distance, the breeze and drizzle here, and the fishermen have never left ......   Quiet night, the dark blue sky is like velvet, gentle and mysterious. There was a plate of moon in the air, and the moonlight was gently sprinkled on the trees, between the windows and on my face.   The light Moonlight poured down, and the night wind gently brushed my quiet face. The tears that were too late to wipe dry still flashed with crystal tears, and the mood was difficult to understand, all I know is that this is a bitter taste.   After a lot of experience, no one in my heart can ignore it, as if God ignored me. I can't choose the way forward. Only the Moonlight is with me, and the earth gives me sustenance, candlelight drew me a quieter atmosphere. The candlelight is like a bud, quietly floating in the dark night, especially elegant and beautiful. At this moment, I seem to have another partner-memories, looking back at the road I have traveled, rugged, bumpy, even some places still have traces of my fall when I walk. Birds fly by, what color is the sky, I walk by, and what color is the road.   In the face of God's injustice and secular prejudice, Oh, I need an umbrella. The past and the future overlap gently, and my bitter tears also add up. When life strikes me again, the star has you as the beginning of my dream. In the month, you are the sustenance of my emotions. Rain, you give me peace of mind; Luo Hong, you gave me the courage to face failure. After repeated failures, I am no longer the girl with lofty aspirations. My heart is now occupied by despair.   The moonlight like mist outside the window gently walked into front of my thick green window and threw a quiet smile at me. The fog of childhood disappeared, leaving the moonlight like dreams now, gently crushed in my tears, Jiao Jie and bright. It is like a foot lamp on the stage, trying to illuminate me and show me. Moonlight, Moonlight, don't you know that you only illuminate my crystal tears? .

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The Moonlight still lingered at my window

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The Moonlight poured on me like a light gauze and poured on my heart, lighting a new lamp for my heart. I suddenly realized Beethoven's strength and Su Qin's greatness. What is failure for them? The moon hung quietly on the Willow tip, as if looking at what kind of choice the girl facing setbacks at this window should make.   The bright moon, the bright moon, Li Bai has a magnificent poem "I send sorrow and the bright moon, follow the king until the night Lang Xi" because of you, Su Shi has "people have joys and sorrows, what do I have because of you? Have dismay, or melancholy? No, I have a new lamp because of you. The flame of the lamp jumped, as if telling me: a calm lake can't train a pithy sailor, and a comfortable environment can't choose the great man of the times.   The moon, the moon, remember those poems: "Who is on the river to see the moon at the beginning of the year, the moon at the beginning of the year. Life has been endless from generation to generation, and Jiang Yue is only similar every year. I don't know who Jiang Yue is waiting for, but I see the Yangtze River sending water ." Moon, are you waiting for me? Are you afraid I can't face difficulties and choose to escape?   The month is still as new as before, and my tears have already condensed. At this moment, I seem to have realized some truth: there is no cradle for generals in the previous month, and the future commander will pass the test of blood and fire. The rest of the strength should not only give sigh, success represents the only in the past, be a strong person, it should get success as a Encouraged, failed as a test tries hard to 1.1 Drip, in order to make a successful Great Wall.   Drop-dead gorgeous, bi yue shy not impossible, cai gao ba dou, rich five cars not impossible. At this moment, my heart became brighter. I walked quietly to the desk and read at night as usual.   At this time, the bright moon has stepped down from the treetops and is still bright and bright. When I saw the word "GUI", my heart trembled for no reason. This word is easy to touch people's heartstrings, because it is often followed by a kind of spirit and meat, such as home, such as country. Home is the sorrow of family, and country is the abyss of blood. Tired Birds throw into the forest, pond fish return to the yuan, detention brigade look back, wanzi think back.   A word "return" indicates the intention to return and the desire to throw, and returns like an arrow! Hong Kong returns to the motherland. Macao returns to the motherland. At the end of the 20th century, these two major "bi Zhao" actions excited the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese descendants because the People's Republic of China wanted to completely eliminate the traces of colonialism on its own land. Countries must achieved national integration, people need reunion, perfectly justified!   A song "often go home to see" touched the hearts of countless Wanderers. That is "returning to the heart", the thinnest and softest part of the heart. How can I take my heart when I quit my job, return to the field and return to nature? Because home is at the edge of the field, home is in the arms of nature. One of the reasons why Tao Yuanming is the Ge Yin "returning to Xi" is that the countryside will be deserted "in my hometown, and the other is that there is" wine in the House ", while the actual interest is in the" love words of relatives, music Piano Book to eliminate worries ". Its "wealth is not a time for my original Emperor" is the same as Li Bai's "Jin Cheng is not as good as returning home as early as possible.   In the "Nine Chapters", there is a saying that "birds fly back to their hometown, and foxes die in the first hill", which means that birds fly far away and will still return to the place where they grow and live; if the Fox dies outside the cave, its head will be far from the hill where it lives. Therefore, when people die in other places and bury their homeland, they are called "returning to the chief craftsman ". The birds in the South fly to the north. Even if they can't come back for a while, they have to pick the branches to the south when they live. This is called "The bird is South". In the ancient poem, the so-called "humayi north wind, the South Branch of the Bird's Nest ".   The consciousness of "root" and the desire of "return" should be shared by human beings and animals. A "wild goose returning to the South", a song "when the clouds return", and "the 18th beat of the eggplant", and "Peacock Flying Southeast, five miles and one wandering", the same tears. Si Gui is the theme of the ancient poetry that is most afraid of crashes. It is called "it is hard to return ". Xin Qiji wrote the return in the word "Zhu Yingtai near": "try to return the flowers to the time, and then the hairpin is heavy ." Clearly, after the return period, I was not at ease. The flower that just inserted the head was taken down and the petals were broken and counted again. This is the same as the sentence in the Yan Jidao "return to Tian Fu, I have long felt the mood of Spring "and have the same effect. Up to now, buildings such as "sister-in-law Tower" and "Wangfu tower" can be seen on the southeast coast of Fujian, which are the best products to record the heart of hope. The Luo xingta in Fuzhou's ponytail is also built by Liu Qi Niang for her early return. The Yu Mingchu of the tower was plotted in Zheng Hede nautical chart and later named "China Tower ". The feeling of returning to people is joy and warmth, and poets are especially meaningful in writing, such as Li Bai's "mountain moon comes with people" and Li Duan's "Gu He comes with clouds ", xu Hun "mountain moon holding piano return", Tao Qian "return with Moon Lotus hoe," Fear of delay in return "in the suburbs, Chen Shidao" Return of forest faint bird ", the Song Dynasty "Not Drunk Mo Yan return" and so on; even the "generals die in a hundred battles, strong men return in ten years" in Mulan poetry, and the "life comes back" in Han Bie Shi, death when long lovesickness "and so on, also wrote very sad and magnificent. In addition to returning home, returning to heaven, returning to the West, etc. Su Dongpo learn from Li Bai to Wen Yue the wine "what year is this evening?" the meaning is "I want to return by the wind", just because I think that the palace in the sky is "too high to be cold.   Return to Heaven is also return, the sky is endless, the road to return to heaven becomes the "no return Road ". Li Qingzhao, a graceful poet, missed her husband's words to the extreme. In the search for "slow voice", he did not dare to look at the Wild Goose array returning from the South. He was worried that "Yan Guo is also sad, but it was an old acquaintance "; in" Yu Jiaao ", she tried to find a way to trust her spirit, but in the imagination that the sky was connected with the clouds and the Milky Way, floating feeling "as if the dream soul had returned to the Emperor", I also saw the Emperor "diligently ask me where to return ".   The folk said that "the sky is the hometown of the crane", so the death of the old man is called "The Return of the crane to the West", with a bit of beauty. However, it is too sad for cuckoo to cry blood when he returns. It is also a verb. The word "gui" also has several solutions such as "return", "attachment" and "belonging". The former is like "Return to Zhao" and the second is like "return to court ", the latter is such as "land return to the public. The most wonderful use of the word is to put it in the middle of the two verbs and to indicate that the two are irrelevant, such as "quarrel to quarrel, it is not a pillow to sleep when it is dark", "scold to scold, running bag Zhao Yang to pay "and so on. The opportunity to use the word "return" as a noun is only available in Abacus calculation, which is called "Nine return" or something.   The episode of "Red Sorghum" sang "nine to one" at the top of the voice. The word "nine to one" does not seem to be a noun. It is not mysterious! .

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Many people say that I don't understand

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  "Silent epiphyllum opens in the middle of the night, and beauties come graceful under the moon ." Only those who walk in the dark can appreciate her beauty and know her loneliness, and I am willing to listen to her heart. Like her, I can have a brilliant life in the dark. "The night is quiet and the group is quiet, and the flash in the pan is drunk ." The beauty of epiphyllum is that she is a beautiful ice in the dark, blooming in the dark, she is cold and Noble, the petals are like light gauze, the strange brilliance almost envelopes the darkness, and the light Moonlight is spread out, like wearing gauze Yin Yi, swaying with the wind, graceful.   Epiphyllum lives in darkness, life is fleeting, but it has brilliance. This is what she wants in her life, and so is the life I pursue.   I like to walk in the dark, because only when night falls can I see what I yearn for, inspire my struggle, have the courage to break free from everything, and be surrounded by darkness, only in my eyes can I have a firm goal to lead me to the future. Only when the night comes can I be the truest myself and live a relaxed life without any disguise. Perhaps everyone's outlook on life is different, but in my opinion, people living in darkness are not necessarily dark. I am just guarding my fragile heart in my own way, no one is allowed to destroy that little worry. What I can see in the dark is myself, without considering other people's eyes, without hiding my emotions, and without paying attention to other people's cynicism, because in that world, I am an independent individual, it is also the most brilliant epiphyllum, gorgeous and elegant. There, what I hope, feel and think are only for distant goals, just to make my life as wonderful as Epiphyllum.   There are too many accidents in life, no one can be smooth sailing, when you choose light, maybe one day, you will suddenly fall into hell, fall into endless darkness, enjoy too much sunshine, you don't know the horror of darkness. You can't adapt to changes in the environment. You will eventually be swallowed up by it. And choose to live in darkness, never worry about nowhere to live, because as long as there is a moon, there will be night, living in this world, there will be dark corners, but even if it is dark, but I can live well, just like epiphyllum can bloom at night, and I can also shine brightest brilliance in dark corners.    the cruelty of the world. I also think that I am a young child. That is because they can never understand my heart. They don't know that I am so disgusted with the so-called light, and willing to use life to like the night. Although I have not entered the society, I think I have already recognized the hearts of the people. Indifference is the best description of this society. The dual character of the predecessors, the competition between the opponents, and even the means used to weigh the interests between friends, the indifference of the people, the ruthlessness of the world, let me hate it. Living in the light, but the whole body is dirty. If this is the direction of life they are chasing, then I would rather not have this kind of life, but only want to hide in the dark and be the epiphyllum that surprises for a while, although it is short, it is wonderful and brilliant.   I can't change the world, but the world can easily change many people, instead of chasing dazzling but empty materials and enjoying the sunshine shared by all things in the world, I prefer the slight light in the night. The sunshine was warm at that time and the bath was warm at that time. At that time, I could clearly see my eyes, joy, expectation and sincerity. When I lost my way to death, when I finally fell into the mud of the world, I hoped to see these strokes and I could find my first heart, to remember that I used to hate myself so much now, to awaken the memory that has already been buried deep in my heart, I hope I still have a chance to turn back.   If I could choose, I would like to be in darkness.  I was independent in the wind and my heart was inexplicably gloomy. The rain kept falling, dripping, like tears of broken lines, cooling through my heart. It's been a bad day. Blocking my mind, my heart suddenly vacated a piece. The weather has been repeated, and my nerves are faintly aching. The most helpless, too hurried, time is like a locked diary, full of nostalgia, but can't bear to look back.   I always miss the past dribs and drabs. Black and white images are fixed into pictures in my mind. The incomplete silhouette, but how also can not spell its original appearance. The shadow of the tree swayed, and the Darkness told me the silent time. Only in the middle of the night can I open up my uncontrollable sadness in the empty air.   Can't let go, the memory of the past is like an old myth.   Lian Qiao once smiled in the wind and had no expression. Once the angel-like appearance was also plated with sadness. Cherry blossoms fall, the most beautiful time stays in the past, and the silence after a pink flower rain has become a quiet Sheng Xiao like separation. The most unforgettable. Why is beauty always in the past?   I can't let go, all I have is memories, more or less, turning my own helplessness.   I was thinking, how can I take care of all this and face the real reality after the wind chimes swinging on the wall? To face more beauty in reality? To let go of my heart?   Walking freely, the Sun tilted over my forehead, as many years ago, it was so warm that I couldn't open my eyes and the stars were shining.   After the rain, everything should be defeated. At least like annual rings, there will be no turning back.   In a trance, I saw the original broken pink on the cherry tree replaced by the new green. Everything in Cui is too fresh to touch. It will eventually disappear and be a new student. Lian Qiao also returned to the feeling of spring, with mixed branches crisscross, with green and random trembling. It seems to be the feeling many years ago, but it has been mixed with different tastes. The future is really more and more like the past, but it always feels a little different.   My heart is astringent.   The night is getting shorter and shorter, so I don't seem to think about it. It is said that the past is like smoke. Is it true that all the valves destined for my thoughts are tightly closed, so that the vast sea of smoke has disappeared?   On the road, my footprints were covered by passers-by, as if I had never been here. Only by constantly stepping on new footprints can I leave my only trace! I suddenly realized that I have been ignoring the fact that it is spring now and there is a spring every year. Everything just started, and the past is only a hypothesis of the past and has no practical significance. The future, into the past, vivid deja vu, but do not need to look back. Miss, will only lock Xiao Suo's heart and fresh future.   Shi Ran is actually very simple. As long as you can open your heart to accept the beauty of the future, all the past will be melted into it without separation.   Then I remembered that Xi Murong had written, "then I opened the yellow title page and the years bound it very poorly. With tears in my eyes, I read it again, but I have to admit that youth is a book that is too hasty ."   Yes, the past is always the past. It can only be bound, sorted out and examined as an outsider. Relief is the most beautiful interpretation. Everything is actually very simple.   Fortunately and unfortunately, these two yarns of Life cross and overlap and eventually weave into a gorgeous and colorful life.   When CCTV reporters asked you: are you happy? You may ridicule: Yes, my name is Fu and my name is Erkang. You can also call me E Fu.   We will envy lucky people who have a rich life since they were born, or admitted to an enviable school, got a job with superior conditions, made a beautiful girlfriend, and had a seemingly happy family. We will feel our misfortune, everything goes wrong, God's injustice and life boring.   In fact, this is not the case. Luck and misfortune depend on what you think.   Bareni became disabled due to illness when he was a child, which seemed unfortunate enough, but with the encouragement of his mother, he overcame many difficulties and finally won the podium of the Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine. Helen Keller, Si Dalin, Sun Bin, Ma Yun ...... There are numerous similar cases at all times and in all countries.   It's better to talk about myself. Compared with some of my peers, my family's financial conditions are not good. It seems unfortunate and I have complained, but now I know that suffering makes me who I am today, if you want to ask me whether I am happy or not, I will definitely reply: "I am very happy!" Unfortunately, I am lucky. A good friend, remembering the wrong time, missed a train home. At that depressed moment, she met her true life. They fell in love at first sight and finally entered the palace of marriage, unfortunately, there is luck hidden next to it. Fortunately and misfortune, like the interwoven yarn, make it difficult to sort out.   Fortunately and misfortune are such wonderful things. If fortunately, some people will cherish it and try their best to continue it, it is the most fortunate. However, fortunately, it is also easy to make people forget themselves, hidden misfortune will appear, and luck will eventually become misfortune. If unfortunately, some people choose to sink, it is even more unfortunate, which is the most unfortunate. On the contrary, some people choose to fight against fate, and their misfortune makes them extraordinary, in this way, they can experience greater misfortune. In fact, if you think about it carefully, this kind of thing may be more fortunate than the most fortunate.   Writer Zweig once made a comparison in his biography: Wilde and Dostoevsky, both famous writers at that time, were also jailed for some reason, but what happened afterwards was very different. Oscar Wilde lived a rich life before he went to prison and regarded himself as noble. After he went to prison, he was forced to eat and live with prisoners of humble origin. He suffered great physical and mental trauma and never recovered. Dostoevsky was removed from the execution frame and sent to the labor camp. His death made him cherish even the life full of suffering. He worked hard to serve hard, talked with the prisoners, tried to find out the bright spots on them, and accumulated material for his future writing. The prison life destroyed Wilde, but Dostoevsky wrote famous works such as crime and punishment, becoming the most profound thinker and great writer in the West. Which is lucky and which is unfortunate? Su Shi "Butterfly love flowers" said: "swing outside the wall, pedestrians outside the wall, beautiful people laugh in the wall ." The right to choose whether it is inside or outside the wall. When we came to this world, God had already handed it into our hands. Therefore, in the face of one's own life, if one feels unfortunate, one should first reflect on oneself. Fortunately, we will continue to work hard. If there is a slight mistake, we may be unfortunate. Unfortunately, it is even more   We should strive and believe that as long as the time comes, we will naturally encounter happiness. Luck and misfortune are in your heart.   Buddha said: Everything is illusory. Perhaps, life is not lucky or unfortunate, life is a piece of cloth. The night is deep and the dew is heavy and cold.   The sound of the piano is still high, and loneliness is as eternal as time and space. The 20-year-old dream of the dynasty was filled with smoke from the misty mist of the Western Hunan border, gazing into a sentimental Autumn Water in the Tuojiang River, slowly flowing through yesterday, tonight and Ming Xiao.   The border town is a dream, a dream that cannot be woken up or reached, a quiet artistic conception, a mellow atmosphere, and a flowing cloud, which makes people feel almost desperate. Text such as place names, beautiful Phoenix.   In the ups and downs of the times, Mr. Wang's life as a writer finally integrated into a cold lead color. The publication of rebuke reactionary literature and art is the ringing of the death knell, forcing Mr. Wang to exchange the ultimate literary life and personality beauty for peace and happiness in the world.   Phoenix wept blood. As a city of the sky that Yi Shi independence during the war, the border city was rudely taken off from the sky by people with ulterior motives and smashed to the ground. Heaven and Earth share sorrow.   Phoenix set up Phoenix branches to set itself on fire when the deadline was approaching and was reborn in the fire. Qi Yu is more abundant, its sound is clearer, and its God is more pithy.   Mr. Wang was born in the suffering of "*" and compiled "history of ancient Chinese costume research", filling a gap in the study of ancient Chinese culture. The history of compiling this book is the history of struggle against fate. When the hard-collected cultural relics were destroyed by the Red Guards in the name of "disinfection", when Mr. Wang suffered inhuman abuse and torture ...... The disaster was temporarily settled, and Mr. Wang came to a studio in the suburbs with the surviving cultural relics. The bucket room is narrow and dim, with pieces of paper hanging all over the walls. The star lights will not be extinguished at the end of the day, isolated from the hubbub and making people forget the dusk. Neighbors knocked at the door every three to five times and heard a response from the inner compartment. Only when they knew that the man who was half crazy Ban Dian was still alive did they leave safely. Occasionally ask, "Is it noon, sir ?" Mr. Suddenly, I went through a few streets to buy some halls and then returned along the same road ......   In the world where the wind and rain are like rain, the world is cold, the cold wind is like a knife, and a tight position strikes him. He did not fear or flinch, poured out pearl's words with sincerity and will, and had his own small piece of heaven in the stormy sky. The pen that once flowed out of the moonlight River and the sunset in the border city once again flowed out "the history of ancient Chinese costume research".   The teenager who used a book fuze to give birth to his native land has gradually grown up. His injured heart is healed in the dark warehouse of the Forbidden City in the dark room in the suburbs. Mr. Shen mentioned many times the qu Zi on the banks of the Lishui River. In the riverbed of modern literature, Mr. Shen also walked like a qu Zi. The difference is that qu Zi went to the water to sublimate, but Mr. Li made a key to the suffering of purgatory and opened the window of academic studies. Suffering, the achievement of Mr. unyielding life.   This is a great blessing in the misfortune of the history of Chinese literature. Mr. Nirvana was finally reborn. .

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